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Streamlining operations and enhancing UX

Standing the test of time, Iconic Watches has been a specialist in preowned premium and luxury watches since 1943. They were among the very first clients of Pinpoint, our legacy acquisition agency, and we continue to enjoy working alongside them to this day.


  • Case Study
  • Replatforming
  • Adobe Commerce
  • Retail
  • Integrations
  • Design, UX & UI

The brief

With a store based in Blackburn, they leverage eCommerce to support their physical presence. Originally on Magento 1, the platform became a significant overhead to maintain due to the level of complexity that had been built into their store. As M1 approached its end-of-life, the decision was made to migrate to Magento 2 and, of course, IDHL was on hand to make that happen.

Iconic Watches

The solution

Reducing complexity, increasing stability and providing the opportunity to revamp the store design, we brought Iconic Watches up to date from a security and technology standpoint.

To get their new store to market faster and significantly reduce the total cost of the build, we leveraged our Accelerator solution. This allowed most of the budget to be channelled into data migration, custom extensions and the building and deploying of the new website over development time.

With the frontend website theme customised to Iconic Watches’ branding, the core is highly flexible, allowing layouts to be altered as required while saving development time as no custom theme or large customisations were needed.

Small implementations refined the solution for Iconic Watches’ needs. This included implementing a system known as an IWPO number. These numbers can be tracked and traced to the origin including where the product came from and any work that has been done. A watch can be made up of multiple IWPO numbers, allowing Iconic Watches to track the whole journey of their products.

Supporting Iconic Watches’ ability to track such activity, a CRM that sits behind the scenes was custom built.

Iconic Watches’ users were always at the forefront of the project. We wanted to make the new website easy and streamlined for shoppers to navigate. Using automation to make this possible, the customer journey is enjoyable and hassle-free.

Iconic Watches webpage

Enhancing the user experience

Integrations with third-party applications were used to improve the solution and add value to the overall user experience. Reviews.co.uk allows customers to leave product and service reviews, supporting Iconic Watches in building trust and social proof with their audience. Building on this, Instagram shopping uses foursixty meaning Iconic Watches can tag their photos with links to make their Instagram posts shoppable.

To enhance site search capabilities, Klevu was integrated. This helps match customers up with the products they want to find fast. Sophisticated use of product filtering alongside product labels for preowned and unworn watches has also been introduced to make the browsing experience more relevant for each user.

Making communication straightforward, Zendesk supports customer service needs through live chat functionality enabling quick response to queries about products.

Payment was next on the list and the decision was made to move away from Opayo (previously known as SagePay) to Braintree. This solution offers more fitting functionality for Iconic Watches needs and provides secure payments for larger transaction values.