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Social media marketing

There are around five billion social media users in the world. How do you reach the people that matter most to your brand?

The answer: strategic organic and paid social media marketing.

We know a thing or two about creating campaigns that deliver results. Blending creative flair with data and insights, our social media tactics put you at the forefront of your target audience's mind when it matters most.

What can effective social media management do for your business?

  • Grow brand awareness and spread the word about your products, services or mission

  • Engage your audience with on-brand messaging that connects with those that matter

  • Increase traffic to your website

  • Attract top-of-the-funnel leads and draw in new audiences

  • Retarget missed customers to keep your brand front of mind

  • Get more bang for your buck with improved ROI

Our approach to social media management

Like all great relationships, organic and paid social media marketing tactics work best together. Our cross-channel approach allows you to maximise organic visibility and paid social campaigns to help you hit your objectives.

  1. 1
    Getting to know you and your audience.

    The single most important step when it comes to creating social media content plans and ads that succeed? Understanding your audience, your business and your goals. Using your data, we create content that boosts engagement and social ads that help you connect with your audience in the moments that matter.

  2. 2
    Strategies that deliver real results

    While there’s value in views, clicks and impressions, revenue is the aim of the game. We deliver strategies that go beyond vanity metrics. We create campaigns that improve your bottom line. Reviewing audience data, creatives and messaging, we tailor your social strategy to get the most from your budget, increase your engagement and turbocharge your ROI.

  3. 3
    Data-driven decisions

    We get under the skin of your brand and figure out what your target audience is looking for. With this as the foundation of your strategy, we continually review data to see what delivers the best results. We can then set up future campaigns for optimum success.

  4. 4
    Get visual

    Your creatives and messaging need to stop people in their tracks. Our in-house studio team are well-versed in delivering content that packs a punch. We connect your product catalogue with your social ads, generating personalised content that stands out in a competitive space.

What platforms do your social media optimisation services cover?

New platforms emerge every year, but that doesn’t mean they’re right for your business. We can help you understand which are best for your objectives. Some of the platforms we work across are:

  • Facebook: Considered the founding father of social, Facebook boasts over three billion users. With connecting people at its core, Facebook is a great platform for brands. If you’re looking for hyper-specific audience targeting and a high ROI, Facebook advertising could be the one for you.
  • Instagram: Home to over two billion users, Instagram is the holy grail for brands that benefit from visual campaigns. If you're looking to boost engagement or advertise visually appealing products, IG is for you.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the king of B2B. With targeting capabilities based on industry, company size and job title, you can connect with decision-makers who have the power to take action. With over one billion members, LinkedIn is the hub of professional networking and the perfect platform for B2B brands.
  • YouTube: Video shows no signs of slowing down, and, with over two billion users, YouTube offers huge potential for brands to showcase their products and services. With a range of ad formats and targeting capabilities, YouTube is the place to be for ROI-driven campaigns.
  • Pinterest: A unique social platform, Pinterest can provide often untapped potential for the right businesses. 60% of Pinners use Pinterest at the start of their buying journey while 72% say the platform inspires them to shop when they aren’t even looking for anything.
  • X: Trending topics are X's thing. Want to tap into that discussion? Use X to engage with your audience – and fast. Using social ad targeting based on interests, you can push tailored messaging in front of key audiences.
  • TikTok: The new (ish) kid on the block, TikTok helps brands reach new audiences with fun, authentic content. With so many in-app advertising options (and more recently, TikTok Shop), the reach is unparalleled.

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Dynamic integrated digital marketing services

Social strategists
“44% of users interact with social platforms at the start of their buying journey, so these platforms should be at the forefront of your marketing strategies. Social platforms showcase your products to users who didn’t know they needed them, playing a key role in building the upper funnel acquisition pools. This can then help to feed into further activity through search and remarketing, which helps to build an omnichannel approach”

Megan Graham, Head of Paid Social