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Successful paid media advertising starts with solid planning. We work to deliver maximum impact at minimum spend.

Driven by the data, our experts optimise your campaign for the highest reach, engagement and ROI.

We'll ensure that your advertising resources are strategically allocated to reach the right audience, with the right message, at the right time.

What paid media management can do for you

Determining how, when and where to advertise your brand for the best results is no easy feat. But with IDHL as your expert paid media agency, you can:

  • Define your budgets to strategically allocate resources across channels
  • Improve targeting by establishing a clearly defined audience
  • Engage with new audiences and fuel the upper sales funnel
  • Create consistent messaging that aligns with your brand
  • Enhance your brand awareness in a visual way, through programmatic placements
  • Harness data to continually refine and optimise your campaigns
  • Ultimately, increase ROI

The success of your strategy relies on more than just the allocation of your media spend. We've found that the best results come from integrated campaigns that factor in detailed ad copy development, rigorous A/B landing page testing, and skilled web design. That's why our expert CRO team works in tandem with our paid media specialists to produce the best possible outcomes.

How we approach paid media management

Aiming to maximise the return on your media spend, we work with you to define your audience and allocate resource strategically cross-channel for maximum impact.

Audience analysis

We want to get to know the people behind the screens. Using data analysis and market research, we create a comprehensive customer persona to optimise your budget for maximum impact.

Channel selection

From programmatic display advertising to social media, we evaluate the available channels and media options to choose the right ones for your objectives and audience.

Creative optimisation

Getting your creatives spot on is key. We support your campaigns with messaging, images and video to ensure your adverts align with your brand and resonate with your audience – either utilising your existing assets or producing new ones through our in-house studio team.

Performance tracking

Always monitoring and analysing, we take stock of your campaign’s performance. Providing regular reports and access to our in-house real-time reporting dashboard, we track key metrics and share insights for ongoing optimisation to deliver the best results possible.

Paid advertising across multiple channels

We can offer paid media services across traditional and online channels, both of which offer plenty of benefits:

Traditional media

  • Radio: Mass reach, trusted, emotive and cost-efficient
  • Television: Mass reach, credible and visual
  • Out-of-home: Highly visible, scalable and can be placed around point-of-sale
  • Print: Durable, credible and results in higher information retention

Online media

  • Social media: Targeted, provides rich media formats, and drives audience engagement
  • PPC/Paid search: Cost-effective, high intent, and with a measurable ROI
  • Programmatic: Mass reach, visual, cost-effective, and offers remarketing opportunities
  • Influencer marketing: Creative content that's authentic, trusted and targeted

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