Adyen, IDHL


Adyen is the payments platform of choice for many of the world’s leading companies. Connecting businesses directly to Visa, Mastercard, and popular global payment methods on a single platform, this solution makes it easy to deliver frictionless payments online, in-app, and in-store. All while capturing shopper data too.

As the only payment platform that fully supports unified commerce through POS, eCommerce, fraud prevention and customer data, Adyen creates an uninterrupted, seamless payment experience.

How does Adyen work?

Adyen provides shoppers payment options on their own terms by simplifying and accelerating global payments. The payment experience is provided through a comprehensive platform meaning seamlessness is practically built-in. Here are some of the benefits this solution can bring to your business:

Improved flexibility and agility

Today’s shopper demands more from every experience, and unless you are flexible, that can be difficult to deliver. In order to improve customer experience, merchants must offer a variety of easy payment options that can accept online payments, mobile payments and offer flexible returns, all while providing a frictionless experience to let customers browse and order products that ae unavailable in store.

With a platform that is both a tech company and an acquirer, you get the benefits of a bank plus the speed of an agile startup adapting quickly to new scenarios. This single-platform payment solution merges the online and physical retail worlds and when your payment processor successfully operates across both, a true omnichannel experience is created.

Adyen can save costs across the board

Payment-related fees can quickly add up before a business even notices. A UK retailer who also operates abroad can face a range of fees including interchange and integrity charges, card scheme fees, payment terminal charges and other hardware. Keeping track of these requires significant time and resource from your team. Using a single platform payment solution eliminates those headaches and Adyen believes payments are no longer a commodity but should be a strategy instead. According to a 2018 Forrester study commissioned by Adyen, a business using one platform instead of several can reduce the following:

  • PCI compliance and other regulatory fees
  • Monthly service charges
  • Dispute management fees
  • Terminal certification fees
  • Support fees

Make expanding easier

Operating in new corners of the globe can bring challenges, specifically when it comes to understanding local business climates and customs. Do the majority of customers pay online? Do they like shopping online as much as in physical stores? When you choose Adyen, your efforts can be focused on the bigger picture instead of worrying about these issues. Large companies often dedicate many members of staff to handle payments in new markets. However, with one company and one consolidated payment solution, business can be reassigned to more impactful tasks.

Our partnership with Adyen

As a business owner, your options for payment processing may seem endless. But one thing is for sure, using one payment platform to handle your processes can help save costs, improve efficiencies and grow your business from day one. Adyen is easily integrated with Adobe Commerce (Magento) and is already helping many large brands around the globe streamline their processes to create a seamless shopping experience.

For more information on how Adyen could benefit your online store, reach out to the team today.