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Is Akoova the right hosting partner for you?

Mon Oct 02 2023 | Marketing Team



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beerHosting is, simply put, the foundation every website needs to keep it successfully running. With a solid hosting platform, you can ensure the smooth running of your site through a production-grade technology stack, including reliable scaling capabilities.

How or where your website is hosted comes down to different factors such as your site’s complexity as different websites have different needs. For standard eCommerce sites, your hosting provider would most likely differ from that of a site with more challenging requirements.

In this article, we take a deep dive into one of our hosting partners, Akoova, to help you figure out if they are the right partner for your brand.

Who are Akoova?

Specialist Magento premium hosting providers, Akoova’s K-Hosting provide advanced hosting capabilities for supreme eCommerce brands looking to scale. But what makes Akoova different from others? Nobody says it quite as well as they do…

“Hosting is perhaps too simple a word for what we do. We create value by enabling growth for our clients. And to do that, we must first understand the client from the inside out. We understand their strategic plans, their ambitions and their unique quirks. It’s why so many clients choose Akoova’s K-Hosting as their trusted platform.”

Akoova believe hosting should be a relationship, in which brand, agency and hosting provider work together to create an all-for-one approach to your website. Through this collaboration, you can unlock your site’s capabilities to get the most from your investment.

Next-level hosting for complex brands

The investment a brand makes in its hosting solution will depend on how seriously it takes its eCommerce infrastructure. It also depends on the complexity of the business. Simple brochureware sites will have a completely different set of needs and requirements than a large-scale eCommerce brand.

Akoova’s client page showcases the type of clients they work with, which includes high-growth and high-demand supreme eCommerce brands. For instance:

  • Fred Perry
  • END.
  • Big Bus Tours

To ensure seamless hosting, Akoova does things slightly different to other Magento hosting providers. Running a completely closed system, as a partner, we don’t have access to their database or systems. Instead, they take care of every aspect of hosting. This prevents external teams from accidentally changing important parts of their infrastructure. As an agency partner, we have access to a server that we upload your code to and Akoova’s deploy systems do the rest.

Well-versed in integrations and third-party plug-ins, Akoova has the skillset and know-how to expertly manage websites that run a multitude of systems and add-ons. This means you’re safe in the knowledge that your platform, integrations and hosting provider are all working in harmony to deliver a top-notch user experience on your site.


Not content with sticking with the status quo, Akoova’s K-Working ethos focuses on continuous improvement and problem-solving. By monitoring sites and their servers, they ensure that any issues that could occur are dealt with before you even realise there’s a problem. This proactive approach sets them apart from many other Magento hosting providers.

This ethos also supports your site and your business when you need it most. For eCommerce sites that experience spikes in traffic and influxes of users to their website, K-Hosting’s flexible scaling capabilities, alongside Akoova’s hands-on approach, help to prevent the site from crashing.

Through their continuous monitoring, they can scale up how much traffic a site can handle in line with spikes. This is a game changer for brands who might see huge bursts of traffic associated with things like ticket releases or limited-edition product launches. Akoova handles this completely on their end, removing the stress from you or your web agency.

Unparalleled support

Alongside their technical capabilities, Akoova go above and beyond with the support they offer clients. Complex websites often have unique requirements and their own set of challenges. However, Akoova understands the importance of acting quickly when these challenges occur. As a collaborative partner, they transcend the normal hosting/client relationship and foster a culture of support.

One of Akoova's missions is to close the gap between operations and developers. That means clients have direct access to Akoova's DevOps team via a dedicated Slack channel.

How we work with Akoova

Long-term partners, we have worked with Akoova on multiple projects over the years. Their methodical and process driven approach means they consistently provide our clients with exceptional service. Working closely with us, the agency, and liaising directly with you, the client, Akoova deliver consistent communications that keep all parties working together harmoniously.

Known for their high level of service, their proactive nature means you can feel confident that your website is in the safest of hands. With dedicated Slack channels for queries to be directly answered by developers, merchants are never left in the dark when it comes to their site. For high-growth retailers with complex requirements, Akoova is the perfect partner for enterprise-level hosting support.

Client spotlight

Akoova has worked with us on a number of projects, including Beer Hawk, an online beer retailer, part of drinks giants AB inBev. The brand was struggling with the stability of their infrastructure, with simple actions such as email newsletters causing downtime due to traffic been driven to the site. With a combination of application issues and a poorly maintained site infrastructure, we knew that making the move to Akoova would counteract their issues.

Akoova’s specialist in-house team very quickly identified issues within their site’s code and worked in collaboration with the development team to increase their stability. Their clear and transparent communication enabled all teams to work closely to make instant, positive changes to Beer Hawk’s site.

Is Akoova the right hosting partner for you?

Akoova's K-Hosting platform gives merchants the confidence that their website is in great hands. By ensuring the smooth running of supreme eCommerce sites and offering outstanding scalability potential, Akoova empowers clients to focus on innovation.

Businesses with more complex requirements and who are looking to scale their website would benefit the most from a relationship with Akoova. Thanks to their hands on approach and continuous bid for improvement, they provide big-name brands with the confidence that their site is being well looked after.

Alongside ensuring the smooth running of your site and combatting issues as they arise, Akoova constantly looks for ways to support your business and provide exceptional advice to help your site excel. Akoova could well be the perfect addition to your expanding eCommerce store. Get in touch to find out more.

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